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Do you or your child need an Experienced Tutor for reading, writing, common core, comprehension, composition, grammar,  and study skills?
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Our 10 year old daughter, a student at Reading Remedy for over three years, easily transitioned from face-to-face in person learning to Skype sessions with no impact to the quality of tutoring provided by Patty Barna. I would strongly recommend her to any parents whose children need some extra attention to overcome reading and writing challenges.
Patty’s keen sense working with children and her extensive experience in education works in both live and Skype environments. She has an endearing way of keeping her students on task in both environments by holding them accountable, taking breaks and ensuring mutual goals are met and rewarded.

Tools for writing and readingReading Remedy is an all inclusive and individualized program that improves reading, comprehension, writing, composition, grammar, common core and study skills for people of all ages. This multi-sensory structured language approach is based on teaching students how to utilize all their senses, which provides them with a better opportunity to learn and remember necessary concepts.

I strive to make each one-on-one session enjoyable and interesting, utilizing a variety of powerful learning tools. This multi-sensory structured approach provides a more concentrated learning experience than is possible in a classroom setting, where there are inherent limitations of space and time.  What’s more, these tools will continue to enhance your student’s academic success throughout his or her educational years and beyond.

Free Diagnostic Session

Our free no-obligation reading diagnostic session  will measure your language blending, segmenting, manipulation skills, and code knowledge as well as determine your reading level. Click the Contact Us button to schedule your free session.

We provide a variety of learning tools in our sessions that help with:

Best of all, these techniques are proven to work!

A t Reading Remedy, Phono-Graphix program methods are employed and certified by Read America. These methods are used to support one of the most effective reading programs available. Years of careful research and studies have shown that Phono-Graphix techniques work through a multi-sensory language approach , even in the most difficult cases.

Complete course materials are provided. Each student will receive a personalized study plan that meets his or her individual needs. Follow up support is always available.

Patty Barna, certified Phono-Graphix instructor, has twenty-five years of experience. Her caring approach combined with the Phono-Graphix techniques makes learning the code to the English language an enjoyable experience, that will serve the student throughout his or her lifetime.