“Patty’s students benefited greatly from her gifts of organization, motivation, and subject knowledge. Without exception, they improved significantly from her instruction.”

 “Patty Barna’s Phono Graphix tutoring program kept my son Andrew in his fourth grade class. She is professional, caring, and serious about what she does. He liked her and ‘wow’ did he improve. He went from a second grade reading level to a fourth grade reading level in just twenty one-hour sessions. Her fees are reasonable and our investment was worth every penny. She saved him from flunking fourth grade.”
 “Phono-Graphixs’ is definitely the most effective reading program out there. Our sons Enzo and Michael had been in many specialized programs that showed little to no progress. Patty customized Enzo’s and Michael’s tutoring to fit their specific needs. Enzo and Michael were always pleased to attend her tutoring sessions and always came home with a pleasant attitude. My husband, Michael and I, are very pleased with your results.”
 “Patty Barna is a wonderful tutor. She assisted my daughter, Kelly, to improve her reading and spelling. She is a patient, friendly, and caring individual. She is also knowledgeable and experienced with the subject matter. Patty went out of her way to pick up books from the Carlsbad LIbrary to help Kelly experience different books and subjects. I would highly recommend Patty to any parent whose child requires a little extra help in school. I am grateful to have met her and now consider her a friend.”

 “My wife and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with our children. Tucker was in his first semester of 1st grade and barely had a grasp on his ABC’s, let alone reading. After 20 one-hour sessions, he’s a motivated word detective, reading everything he can get his hands on. Our daughter, Madeline, one year older, was reading, but only words she had memorized. When you finished with her, she was able to sound out words she has never seen before and reads very smoothly. Thank you for the loving help you gave our children.”

 “There are no words to describe my appreciation for the work you have done with my daughters, Rachael and Michelle. You have given them faith in themselves when they needed it the most. They always looked forward to seeing you and put out their best effort. They both have made significant progress in word attack skills and decoding the language using sound pictures. These tools improved their reading, spelling, and writing. The quality of your teaching is superb but most important, it is the way you taught them. Your optimism and encouragement has been invaluable.”

 “Patty is nice, helpful, and encouraging. She is the best tutor ever!”

 “Patty takes a personal interest in every student, and they love her for it!”