Writing and Composition

writing and compositionThe art of writing and composition is the gateway to success and enhancing your life at many levels. An overwhelming majority of instructors surveyed said that writing skills are critical to academic success. Also surveyed were 402 companies who viewed writing skills as crucial to business mastery but were concerned with the steady erosion in the writing skills of their prospective employees. Both academia and businesses alike identified writing as the most valued skill.

Now with the new Common Core Curriculum, writing through the use of critical thinking, are at the forefront. Help your student keep up with the curriculum by improving his/her writing organization, grammar, punctuation and comprehension. Writing organization tools are taught to facilitate academic requirements and be useful for future writing tasks as the need for workers with good writing skills will only increase. My twenty-four years of writing experience will give your student a strong foundation with theĀ  creative skills necessary to excel.

jrw-reading-remedyWriting and Composition