Study Skills

Improve Study SkillsDeveloping sound study skills can be the foundation for good habits that will benefit you or your student during school and throughout their lifetime. While working at a community college tutoring center, I noticed that many students had the capability of understanding the material they were given by their teachers, but seemed to fail at the study skill level.

During several years, I developed the study skill program, “The Expert Learner.” This program helps the student realize that they are in control, that they have their own natural learning styles and the choice of  many different learning tools. Each student is given a Learning Style Survey which includes a learning styles key to tell the student what method(s) will work best for their style.

The tools for learning include note taking, PQRST (Preview, Question, Read, Study and Test), test taking tips for different varieties of tests, assignment forms, student questionnaire, practice exercises and a more in-depth Learning Style Survey for middle school and high school learners. This Expert Learner Program gives you the tools and skills you need to succeed.

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