Other Services

Patty Barna also provides other services such as remedial arithmetic, writing, and study skills.

Remedial arithmetic — Assistance is available for students that may need arithmetic instruction. This includes the basics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and word problems. Common Core standards require written analysis of the mathematical process.

Writing — This program consists of sentence and paragraph structure; providing all the elements necessary to build a well-structured paper, whether it is a three- to five-paragraph essay or research paper. The organization of the pre-writing process is an essential tool taught and reinforced for better future organizational skills. Literature, creative writing, and advanced methods are also explored.

Study Skills — The ‘Expert Learner’ program teaches organizational skills, insightful student analysis of study habits, reading and study techniques (PQRST), learning techniques, learning styles survey and tools, and study aids. These skills are beneficial for any future assignment, college, or use in the workplace.

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