Reading and Comprehension

“Reading is the single most important skill necessary for a happy, productive, and successful life,” according to the National Institute of Health and Human Development.  This is why becoming proficient in reading is crucial.

Using a multi-sensory, sturctured language approach helps each student find his or her most efficient way(s) to learn, whether that be through sight, sound, touch, or smell.  Scientists have proven that using more senses to learn exponentially increases our ability to understand, retain and remember.  I use multi-sensory methods to teach proper blending, segmenting, phoneme manipulation, and code knowledge, which positively impacts reading, spelling, comprehension, and writing skill.

If you or your student has poor blending, segmenting,  phoneme manipulation skills, and poor code knowledge this will highly affect the skills in reading, spelling and writing.  For example, when reading, letters are only symbols for the sound pictures in our language rather than just the name of that letter.  What is confusing for new readers, is the fact that the same set of letters can make more than one sound.  The letter <a> can make a different sound in cat, paper, about, and father.  If a student or poor reader is having difficulty, it make be that the reader is not aware of this fact and doesn’t know that he should try the various sounds to determine the correct word.  Another unique feature in the English language, is that there can be many ways to make the same sound.  An oo sound can be written with an ‘oo’ (boot), ‘ue’ (blue), ‘ew’ (new), ‘u’ (super), ‘ui’ (suit), ‘u-e’ (flute), ‘ou’ (soup), ‘oe’ (shoe), ‘o’ (do), ‘ough’ (through).  As you can see, there can be many variations and overlap in the ‘code knowledge’ of our language.  The multi-sensory and Phono-Graphix approach does a systematic job of explaining these concepts.  Exemplary reading skills will consequently improve comprehension through a greater understanding of the text.

After a thorough reading diagnostic, I am able to determine which of these skills need reinforcement.  Reading Remedy’s unique program makes this process fun and exciting.  Word games, fine and gross motor activities, and interactive prompts keep the learner engaged and looking forward to the next session.

Patty BarnaReading and Comprehension